Best Wireless Guitar System Under £200

Sometimes life just gives you a little nudge in the right direction.  Fate is a truly wonderful thing!

By pure chance I have found myself in the incredibly exciting position to announce to you that I can now supply what is unquestionably the coolest, most impressive must have purchase of 2015.

It comes in the form of a wireless guitar system that I will now be listing for sale very shortly for just £159 with FREE DELIVERY.

It is so rare that things REALLY excite me.  I have mentioned on so many occasions to my customers that the industry is full of repetition and re-inventing the wheel so its so nice when products come along that make me go WOW!!!

This wireless guitar system is ultra sleek, ultra compact - no belt packs necessary and unlike ANY other system I have ever seen you will WANT this stuck to your guitar - it could not look cooler.  For the first time you can be proud to have your wireless system attached to your guitar rather than be embarrassed by the lump of dodgy plastic stuck to your prized possession.

Photos and more details coming shortly but if you need a wireless guitar system under £200 - (in fact with a street price under £150!!) please click on my live chat for details if I have not got it listed already.  

Trust me - you WILL want one!  Its the ultimate boys toy! (and practical ... of course!)

CLICK to learn more or Buy Wireless Guitar System

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