New website address ...

Well its less letters to remember right?!!

For those of you who remember my Regent Guitars days I am bringing my old logo back to life which I have a designer helping me with right now (The "R").  I was always immensly proud of the R logo which was my symbol of quality.  Well I thought it was fitting with my new years focus to bring this back to life and with it "" - less letters and to me very relevant.

As you may know I also own which is my forum and classifieds.  This kind of brings these 2 closer together with just the R seperating them so thats quite nice and tidy I think. will continue of course, the old site will continue for some time to come until I am 100% happy with the new site (here).  At some point when I am happy I would intend to redirect all traffic to this one but that will be some way away yet.

Hope you like the new domain name

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