Correct Saddle Height - Spot The Difference

 Picture A) A guitar brand I recommend with a retail value of around £450...

Picture B)  A guitar brand I recommend with a retail value of around £175

Both of these guitars have been set up in order to get as close as possible to our perceived "best case" setup for the customer.

A)  was rejected in the past week.  If you look at the top E string (thin) you will notice that there is next to no downward pressure over the saddle.  Not only is this bad news in the tone department when played acoustically but it is also very bad news for getting a balanced sound out of the pickup.  You need the downward pressure over the pickup where it its placed under the saddle.  The pickup turns vibration energy into tone through your amp.  No energy, no tone!

B) Was a replacement following another guitar we rejected!  Although the guitar is "only" £175 and will only be used in its acoustic form so no pickup issue, this guitar is geometrically flawed.  Potential issues:

* Would never be able to fit a pickup at a later date

* If the body "moves" over time there will be no adjustment left on the saddle to compensate

* Tone and volume is effected.

* The final setup is compromised so playabilty is "just" in line but on the limit of acceptance.

So I suppose the message of the day is the value of the guitar to me is irrelevant - I only sell guitars that I believe are fit for purpose.

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