My customer map! Thanks To My New Software!

 Just a bit of fun really but this makes me so proud.  I returned to work on 4th January and this map shows every customer who has trusted in my service for a guitar up to 24th - so thats nearly 3 weeks.

The map is a feature of my new contact management software that will keep me in touch with every customer over the years to come.

These aren't orders for strings, accessories or bits and bobs - I don't sell any accessories.  Each one of the markers symbolizes a guitar that was quality controlled, setup to the customers requirements and then packed by myself to be delivered to a happy home!

It really excites me to see how many guitarists from Western Europe are getting to hear of me along with my new friends in Hong Kong and Mauritius!

Thank you to every one of the "markers" on this map - I never take a single sale for granted so thank you for trusting in me.



A closer look at European customers for the past 3 weeks...

and thank you to everyone in the UK who have either traveled to my showroom or used my personalized packing service to ensure their guitar reaches them in the same perfect condition as it left my showroom....

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