Faith Guitars Continue To Impress... (And hopefully I did my bit too)

This weekend I had the privilege of helping 2 lovely couples with their Faith guitar requirements.

They booked hotels in Stratford Upon Avon in order to co-ordinate their stay around their visit to Richards Guitars.

One gentleman ended up taking away a Faith Saturn Hi Gloss Electro but it wasn't as simple as you may imagine. After spending the day trying numerous models and comparing Faith to Stonebridge acoustics - he couldn't quite make up his mind - so at my suggestion he "slept on it" overnight and I arranged to meet him at the shop today at 12pm in order for him to have the showroom to himself. His final choice was of course was the FSCEHG which shows how incredible these guitars are as he was comparing it to a Stonebridge DS20CM which is a tough competitor!! So well done again to Faith guitars!

The other couple who also required the day to finalize their choice(s) took a matching set!! His and hers! She took a lovely Faith Mercury Natural series whilst he opted for the Faith Neptune Hi Gloss.

All 3 guitars will now go through our workshop, set up to their personal playing requirements and they should be re-united with their new families toward the end of the week.

So thank you Faith guitars once again for producing such wonderful instruments and thank you to the lovely couples who trusted in my service this weekend - who also got to Visit the sites in Stratford Upon Avon too!!

 PS Thank you also for making my weekend so pleasurable.  Genuinely lovely people.

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