Godin Multiac Nylon Duet Ambience - The Nicest Electro Nylon Guitar I have Ever Heard

I just don't know how to put this across in words.  Dumbfounded?  LOST for words.  Just spent a magical half hour exploring this guitar trying to decide whether this guitar is worthy of a recommendation when the regular Multiac Nylon sounds so fantastic anyway PLUS you get the synth built in too - and I LOVE that feature as do people who I get to try it.

However, I now have to say I am totally sold on this guitar - so much so I would love to have it as a standard stock feature in the shop (but can't promise it will always be available so give me a call in advance if you want a trial! I love so many Godin guitars and I don't like them gathering dust in the showroom).

The range of voicings I have just heard, and the fact that they ALL sounded so useable too - I could really imagine someone who could "do justice" to the instrument spending days exporing all the tonal variations.

I have to say I am totally bowled over - I suppose I am so used to being impressed by Godin guitars and the multiac series that I thought I had heard the best already but nope, if you want the nicest sounding electro classical tone I cannot believe you will find a better sound anywhere.  

Check out the pictures I have just taken of this beautiful electro nylon or click on the link for more details from the catalog.

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