Seagull Parlor brought a smile to my face today...

To begin with, I want to mention something I believe is important about ONE of the reasons I am recommending this guitar. 

This guitar has some seriously "green" credentials which I felt was worth a quick word about.  Guitars made by Godin (which this is) are produced in Quebec where they are now using hydro electric power - a very green energy source.  The woods used are native to Canada and there are strict rules on what wood can be used for manufacturing.   Obviously the workforce are local and you know are being paid an honest wage so no fears of human rights issues that we so often hear about in the Far East.


Godin build quality is second to none.  I used to be a main dealer for Seagull some years ago and this little baby is my way of dipping my toe in the water again.

The bottom line is you will ALWAYS get higher specification on paper when you buy into a product like Faith.  You cannot deny you get sooo much guitar in a product like Faith.  However - I firmly feel there are different perspectives and reasons why one feels compelled to buy into one brand over another.  Godin have a long history of producing extraordinarily high quality guitars and when you buy into a Godin/Seagull you are buying into that quality ethos.


I have chosen this guitar to test the water because I just LOVE its character and brings something new an interesting to my list of personal recommendations.

Its a parlor guitar essentially.  The wild cherry has a lovely stripped back look about it - very earthy.  However the extra details around the headstock, sound hole and even rosewood cap on the heel demonstrate this is a quitar of quality and real character.

 Unlike most Seagull guitars this parlor has a 43mm nut.  The rest of the range have 45mm and I will be keen to get these listed on my website for all those looking for a guitar with a wider nut.

All in all an incredibly charming guitar built to the highest of standards you would expect from Godin.

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