Shop Refurbishment: Wed 27th Jan - Wed 3rd Feb

So many exciting developments going on at the moment and so little time to tell you - hence why I want to get my behinds the scenes Youtube Vlog up and running as soon as possible.

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Now then....

This week my showroom is in turmoil whilst we erect a new wall! 

One side of the wall will proudly display my new Auden acoustic guitar range (the guys who make Gordon Smith electrics now too!).   Auden are a wonderful British guitar workshop producing all solid wood electros from £700 - £1300.   Their commitment to quality and the fact they are a wonderful British manufacturer I feel should be supported fully - as I am doing!

The other side of this new wall will create a more enclosed display area which will help divide up the shop on those days where you have 2 people trying guitars at the same time.  However it will hopefully also be home to my Gordon Smith guitars hub where you can learn about getting your own electric guitar built from scratch for under £1000.

However in life you have to take 1 step backward to go 2 steps forward and this refurbishment is pretty much putting normal showroom life out of commission for the next 7 days.

Sorry for the inconvenience but the results should be amazing!

So excited!!!

Obvously my mail order / online side is "relatively" uninterrupted during this time.


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