Apologies to anyone wanting a G&L Tribute Guitar. No UK Distributor.

Apologies to anyone wanting a G&L Tribute Guitar.  No UK Distributor.

In November 2016 I was informed the UK distributor was retiring from G&L.  I was informed that the new distributor would be announced in January.

So here we are in latter half of March.... not a single communication from G&L on the situation.  I managed to force a brief reply from the MD who said it would be sorted in February - no update since and not a single reply to any email of which I have sent many.

The German distributor was kind enough to lend a hand whilst the distribution in the UK was in question but this was blocked by G&L under the premise that the new distributor was nearly sorted - although they will not communicate with me directly or tell me who the distributor is or when they will be starting (I only heard this through the German distributor who was able to communicate directly with G&L)  - of course they then have to get stock in too - which will be tough anyway with the new CITES regulations in place.

So when another G&L will be in the UK is literally anybody's guess right now.

All in all its been a very depressing situation for me personally as I have enjoyed promoting G&L for 22 years and believe I sell more G&L Tribute guitars than any other UK dealer.

It seems Directors of companies these days just have far too many important things to do than speak to the people who have the passion to promote their guitars and educate people on the qualities of G&L.

To say I feel let down is an under statement.  Sometimes I have to question why I bother giving a damn to be treated like this by the people at the top of the chain.

I have 12 customers who have literally no idea what is going on - who I have told will be getting their guitars shortly (I thought supply would be available from Germany) and I am unable to update them as I literally cannot get any answer from the MD or anyone in the company.

This is the reality of the guitar industry my friends.  No doubt a few 1 star reviews will be heading my way -  thanks for nothing G&L.

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