Our Dowina ALL Mahogany Custom Being Born. Latest Pics From Dowina Workshop

Our Dowina ALL Mahogany Custom Being Born.  Latest Pics From Dowina Workshop

If you like your acoustic tones warm.... then this could be the guitar for you

We have just 4 being made because that is all the wood they were able to secure.

The mahogany on this guitar is the highest quality and most sought after mahogany on the planet.  No longer harvested for ecological reasons, so this wood has been drying/ageing for nearly 2 decades.

This guitar is a tribute to mahogany and I wanted to do it justice by ensuring we loved the process of building and someone will love the guitar that is produced for their lifetime   

We have gorgeous mahogany neck inlays and mahogany bindings - talk about the spirit of wood.. I am blessed to be working with true artists

I just cannot wait to see the end result and if you want to reserve one please let me know ASAP #richardsguitars

Here you can see the incredible mahogany neck inlays and abalone soundhole rosette.  Classy - but not too blingy.  I wanted this guitar to have an exclusive vibe to suit the quality of woods being used.

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Here is a side shot of the bindings we concluded gave us the feel we were looking for...

Dowina All Walnut Grand Auditorium Limited Edition

and here it is from the side.  Ohhhhh yumm!

Dowina All Mahogany GAC Limited Edition Custom Build Binding

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