Clark Supernatural PreAmp - Available Exclusively With Auden Guitars

Clark Supernatural PreAmp - Available Exclusively With Auden Guitars

Clark Supernatural Pickup

I have the most incredible news!

Former CEO of Maton guitars and designer of Cole Clark Guitars and preamps has created a new pickup system which is making big waves in the guitar industry.

What is most exciting is that they have teamed up with Auden Acoustic guitars here in the UK ensuring that their pickups are installed EXCLUSIVELY on Auden guitars in Europe.  

This is a major coup for Auden Guitars and I personally believe they chose Auden due to the incredible quality and growing recognition for this English guitar brand.

Auden guitars are hand made combining the incredible skills and craftmanship in their small workshop in China and here in England where the Auden team install the hardware such as machine heads & electronics - and complete the final set up & quality control..

Recently I announced the launch of the 45 series Auden Artist Guitars which is a personal collaboration between Doug & myself - I was so keen to get 45mm nut width guitar options into the hands of my customers!

Every Auden Artist 45 is equipped with this new pickup as are all 2019 produced Audens.

The new Supernatural Pickup system has a 3 band eq and 4 different selectable voices to choose from.  All adjustable within the sound hole.

Even the replacement of the battery within the guitar is a doddle thanks to the patented battery replacement system! Its a wonder!!!


The Supernatural pickup system by Clark is available now on all Auden 2019 specification guitars and I cannot wait for you to experience them!

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