D'Angelico Guitars Now Available!

D'Angelico Guitars Now Available!

D'Angelico Guitars UK

I am so proud and excited to announce that I am supplying D'Angelico guitars.

I approached D'Angelico and found they are in the early stages of building a specialist network of D'Angelico Guitar Dealers in the UK (following on from their success in the States). 

I think we are a match made in Heaven and I am glad they seem to agree! 

D'Angelico is a historic brand that was revitalized in 2013.   They produce archtops, semis, solid bodies and acoustics.  A D'Angelico is guaranteed to be stylish and wonderfully different and I know you will be excited by them when I show you.

I cannot wait to bring you some personal recommendations but for the time being the entire catalog is available online for you to order from - please be patient whilst I add images and descriptions!


Click Here To Buy D'Angelico Guitars 

D'Angelico Guitars UK


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