Eastman Guitars. The UKs Dedicated Eastman Guitar Specialist

Eastman Guitars.  The UKs Dedicated Eastman Guitar Specialist

Eastman Guitars In Store

UK Dealer For Eastman Guitars

As the UKs largest Eastman Guitars dealer I am proud to represent the range at our centrally located showroom in Stratford Upon, Warwickshire.

If there is ANY Eastman guitar you want to try, just click on the chat button, speak to Richard (me!) directly and we will get the guitar in if its not already here - set it up to perfection in our workshop prior to your visit - and ensure you have a private room to enjoy your guitar on the day of your visit.

It is a truly bespoke service - so please make use of it.  Click on the chat now for a helping hand.


Eastman Guitars Reviews 

 CLICK HERE for all my latest Eastman guitar reviews via my Youtube Channel.  I ONLY review my favorite guitars.  Its more of a product highlight explaining what I love about the guitar so hopefully you will find these interesting.  At the time of writing I had 17 Eastman Guitar reviews.  

If there is a guitar you would like me to do a video on just shout - I am here to help.  If its not a guitar I am so keen on I will tell you but if its an Eastman I doubt that would be the case!

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