First Ever Furch Blue Gc CM Deluxe!

First Ever Furch Blue Gc CM Deluxe!

The Furch Blue Gc CM has been a top personal recommendation for many (many!) years.  

It really is unbelievable that people still continue to buy mass-produced guitars with laminated back and sides (lino in Martins case) at the same price you can buy an instrument that has tone that can kill many guitars stone dead at twice or 3 times the price.  They are just breathtakingly powerful instruments - just stripped back and simplistic hence a cheaper price.

So going in to 2022 Furch have give the Blue Series a "Deluxe" treatment which basically gives you dual bevel - One to the top to give you a comfortable resting place for your arm - and back bevel so the body of the guitar rests against your body - not digging in to it!

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 Stylish - and super comfortable...

Furch Blue Gc CM Deluxe

and for good measure they have thrown in some stunning markers so you never lose your way around the fretboard!


Furch Blue Gc CM Deluxe fret markers


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