Further Shop Refurbishment 4th July to 6th July

Further Shop Refurbishment 4th July to 6th July


The showroom will be unavailable for a couple of days whilst we take on the next stage of my shop refurbishment.

I don't have any photos but will certainly show some pics of the final result but needless to say the idea is to continue my "galleryesque" theme / less is more approach.

There is nothing worse than seeing guitars of such high quality stacked up in guitar shops looking more like cattle waiting for the slaughter house than something you should fall in love with at first sight.

One of my ideas is to "remove corners"!!  I HATE CORNERS!!!!  When you get one guitar facing one direction and another right next to it facing the other way - and both of them are pretty much out of reach stuck in the corner..... you end up with guitars that look unattractive and not easy to access - it looks damned ugly.  So the answer is turn a negative into a positive.  By putting a joining angle at 45 degrees between the 2 walls you end up with a lovely area where you can showcase 2 guitars, rather than having 4 all looking a mess and most importantly - no corners!!! Cannot wait to see it in action.

I have chosen a couple of colors for the backdrop that I hope will further heighten the sense of quality, along with the lovely oak flooring this should make sure my lovely guitars are in an environment conducive to their quality.

Should all be done by Thursday so do come and take a look - however I do have a number of guitars that I need to clear out the building in order to make room for my less is more approach - watch this space for some clearance items!


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