G&L Tribute Update - Stock Availability Winter 2017

G&L Tribute Update - Stock Availability Winter 2017

CLICK HERE  for available and due G&L Tribute Guitars

Its been a painful year with the demise of the previous G&L Tribute guitar distribution.

Mid way through this year the new distributor was announced but the concept of stock has been all but wishful thinking.

However - drips and drabs have now begun again and I have been provided details of forthcoming deliveries until 2018.

As a result I have decided to ONLY list G&L Tribute guitars that you have any chance of seeing before the year is out and into early 2018.  

As new models are forcast to arrive for 2018 my stock listings will evolve and continue to show when the guitars are likely to be available.

If you place an order online NO money is taken at all until the guitar is in stock.

CLICK HERE  for available and due G&L Tribute Guitars

G&L Tribute Guitars

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