Last 4 Faith FNHG Models Ever. £589. Grab one while you can

Last 4 Faith FNHG Models Ever.  £589.  Grab one while you can

The Faith FNHG has been my long standing recommendation and even at its normal price of £700  its an INCREDIBLE guitar.  If you compare it to the "market leaders" such as Taylor And Martin - it is just in another league.  All solid rosewood back and sides, Solid spruce top, beautiful maple bindings, hardcase, abalone inlays.  Every aspect is just beautiful.

Sadly however this guitar is being discontinued.  It can only be due to the CITES legislation that came in just over a year ago now which means that rosewood is very costly to export.

As soon as I knew this was happening I bought up what I could and following the Xmas period I have 4 left.

I have dropped the price to £589 to give anyone who wants one a massive opportunity.  It would make a lot of sense to add maybe a Fishman Matrix which we can fit free of charge and turn it into an incredible electro which will cost £750 in total - and you will have electronics that far surpass that of the standard electronics fitted from the factory.

If you want to take advantage of this very exclusive and final offer - Click on the link below...

Faith Neptune High Gloss

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