Rare TOKAI Delivery - Due In December (Full List For You!)

Rare TOKAI Delivery - Due In December (Full List For You!)

Amazing news.  Finally some affordable Tokai LP & 335 models are making their way to the UK at £499 & £599.

The Tokai models are my #1 choice for a brilliant, affordable LP but alas they are just never around to enjoy.

If you do fancy getting your hands on one if you order now you will DEFINITELY get one.  The later you leave it the harder it will get.

ETA is mid December.

Here is a link to the full line up of models....


Just want to try one?

If you would like to try one in the shop - order it online and select either credit card or bank transfer.  NEITHER of these options will actually take any payment details.  We will happily reserve the guitar for you to try.  Make sure you select "shop collection" in the delivery option to make sure we know you are just trying it out.

Tokai Les Paul


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