Shergold Guitars. Wonderful "new" kid on the block

Shergold Guitars.  Wonderful

Wow wow wow!!!  News HOT off the press...

Just experienced my first ever Shergold SM02 solid body electric guitar.  Not yet even on the market, I was given a privileged first view as they knew I have my eye on REAL quality.

It is SO refreshing to find a new brand in the market that has paid SO much attention to what feels like every aspect of the guitars design and build.

I won't be able to do justice to these guitars without showing you my own photos and unfortunately I wasn't able to take pictures but trust me - quality and finishing detail is second to none.   It feels in every sense of the word - a boutique guitar.

Stand out features for me include the beautiful aluminium fret markers which are also along the top of the board for looking down, locking machine heads, Seymour Duncan pickups, beautifully hand polished rosewood neck, gorgeous quality body finish, lighter weight incredibly resonant mahogany body - SO balanced.  

The guitar REALLY rings acoustically and whether this has anything to do with the Tele style bridge plate - who knows but I can tell you its a damned fine musical instrument and I know it will receive massive accolades when reviewers get their hands on one.  But remember - you heard it here first!

It comes in 3 different pickup configurations - 3 single coils, HSS and Humbucker P90 formats which will suit a whole range of playing styles.

Anyway - I couldn't wait to tell you about them.   It will be a little while before you see them in the showroom but expect to see them toward the end of February.

Although the price is not 100% confirmed I know I will be able to sell them at street price around the £800 mark.  


For more details visit Shergold Guitars in my catalog.  

Shergold GuitarsShergold Guitars

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