SMJ Guitar Accessories Have Made a Difference Already! WOW!

SMJ Guitar Accessories Have Made a Difference Already!  WOW!

I could not be more proud as I write this.

Inspired by my Mum & Dads work over the past 20 years helping conserve our natural wildlife, I created a range of personally designed, high quality accessories with the aim to raise awareness not just of their work but the work that goes in every day around the Country to maintain and support our natural habitat.

Like the bees, the butterflys are a natural barometer of the health our countryside which directly equates to the health of the entire eco system of which we are part.

I created a mini blog site for my parents to update.  They are into their 70s now so please be patient whilst they learn the ropes but they have managed to back date a few articles and the aim is to update this blog daily with the development of the SMJ nature reserve which they have created.

You will hear about the latest butterflies and moths recorded and all nature of wild flowers that are growing in number due to the work done on the old railway line.  They will be taking lots of gorgeous photos of the ponds, embankments, plants and wildlife.

If you live in Warwickshire my mum offers talks to WI groups and anyone with an interest in conservation.


 SMJ Guitar Accessories Now Officially Recognised By Butterfly Consevation!

This is so exciting for me!  

Butterfly conservation have posted a summary of our money raising efforts on their website and I intend to TRY and raise £1500 over the course of the year.  If I receive enough support for what I am doing I cannot see why this cannot continue for years to come as a legacy to my mum and dads hard work.


£200 Raised so far!

 Since introducing the SMJ range we have received overwelming praise for the quality of our accessories and positivity for the scheme.  I couldnt be more proud  - and grateful to everyone who has supported us.

The range of accessories has expanded as a result and now you can buy the following products - all of which contribute to the conservation effort.

The Range Is Expanding!  If you buy anything showing the logo - You have have made your contribution!


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