Gordon Smith Gatsby Custom S Sets New Standards For Hand Made Guitars In UK

Gordon Smith Gatsby Custom S Sets New Standards For Hand Made Guitars In UK

What a proud moment for me personally.

The Gatsby Custom S shows how the already glorious Gatsby model can be transformed in chameleon like style to take on any bolt neck from any era or genre.

Over the past 7 years since Doug Sparkes took over ownership of Gordon Smith - his goal has been to provide guitarists the very best bespoke, personalised and high quality instruments at a price point that is no greater than that of a quality mass produced guitar.

Gordon Smith (AKA Doug!) adheres to a zero compromise approach to quality and they have clearly demonstrated that the very best can be made available at a budget that players can aspire to - as demonstrated by Guitaist Magazines recent 9/10 rave review of the latest Gatsby in its standard form.

Through 2022 I will be bringing you many custom shop Gatsby models but should you need a specific pickup configuration, color or cosmetic styling - just let me know and I will liaise with Doug and ensure we can make your fully personalised instrument.

The Gatsby S - which I had designed for me personally demonstrates just what an incredible and highly specified guitar you can have made by hand here in the UK at a price that is in line with mass-produced brands like Fender, Gibson, Musicman etc.

Unlike when you buy a mass produced, one size fits all brand, Gordon Smith offers you a highly personalized instrument enabling you to enjoy the process of having a guitar made for you by people who care so much about quality and your personal enjoyment of the guitar. 

OR...  on the rare occasion I have one available - feel free to buy one from stock and save the time waiting!

If you saw the recent awesome review of the Gatsby, this custom option also gives you...

5 way switch selection

3 single coil home wound pickups

Swamp Ash body

AAAAA Roasted Flame maple neck & fingerboard

Gotoh Locking tuners

Rolled Fretboard edges

CTS Pots & Wiring

THANK YOU Gordon Smith for giving me and my customers such exciting guitars!

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