As of 12th December 2018 we have reached what we believe to be our limit with regards to getting a guitar delivered to you before Xmas.

If you have already ordered your guitar it is essential to contact us to conirm you need the guitar for Christmas.  If we know it is essential - we won't let you down.

Considering an order between now & Xmas?...

You have 3 options from here:

1.  Order the guitar and tell us you are happy to have no setup prior to shipping (an option I hate - and never do at any other time of year but this is STANDARD PRACTICE for most online stores 365 days a year!)

2.  Order the guitar knowing it will be setup beautifully - to perfection!  It will however be suppplied in the early part of January 2019

3.  Order the guitar with the possibility of it being setup and collecting it from us in person.  We can still offer this service at this time as we won't beable to ship a guitar after Thursday 20th the very very latest.  This means we can continue setting up guitars from Thursday morning through Friday for collections on the Saturday 22nd.


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