Vintage Guitar Bargains!

[caption id="attachment_87" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Vintage "Sale" now on!"]Vintage "Sale" now on![/caption]

I have a number of clearance prices on offer on in stock Vintage guitars.

Earlier this year I committed to a range of Vintage guitars but quality issues and online pricing has made me realise that it is not possible to provide the quality of instrument I am committed to on this range.

Can I STRESS that the models on offer are stictly A grade guitars - the best you will find.  When Vintage guitars are at their best they are excellent and I am hoping to continue promoting Vintage guitars to beginners, but with emphasis on quality over quantity so to speak - and mainly in store so customers can experience the quality of the model I have on offer, rather than competing with online stores who don't even open the box.

I will be cherry picking models that suit my customers needs with the emphasis totally on quality, playability and the full back up service my customers expect from me.

For more details on models available, please call me on 01926 833389.

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