Sticking to my principles on budget guitars.

I thought I would share with you a transcript of an online chat I have just had with a chap who wanted a first electric guitar for his son.  He wanted a white les paul style guitar.

Understanding that I did not want to go around the houses explaining about quality control Vs prices shown online I tried my new tact of distancing myself from the sale so I can continue to be "helpful" but focus on my key daily targets of looking after my customers who require my level of dedicated service.

I have completed the conversation feeling very positive that the customer received totally honest and impartial advice, a source where to buy the guitar from (!) abd a link to my notes on the quality issues I have experienced with Vintage guitars.  I feel that at the price the online store was selling the guitar for then the customer has to accept the limitations of what may arrive and the guitar will still represent "good value", but it is not a sale I am prepared to get involved with.

richard: hi there
Nick: Hi
richard: I will just take a moment to digest your comments if that is ok?
Nick: fine
richard: Hmm. OK.
richard: Well I am very focused purely on quality and personal recommendations of course
richard: which may not suit him! lol
richard: But I will try and help where I can
richard: What is the budget you are considering?
Nick: Well, I don;t know where to start really. But no more than £150
Nick: He will want a new one in 12 months
richard: OK. I am very sorry but I will not be helping you directly. However I will point you in the right direction.
richard: Do you need an amp incldued in the price?
Nick: no,
richard: OK. I will give you some information....
richard: Background issues with "Vintage Guitars"
richard: I would however recommend you try and find a Vintage V100 in white
richard: I will find you an example...
Nick: thx
richard: Very cheap price on Vintage V100 White
richard: If I sold you the guitar with quality control and setup etc it would be £279
Nick: ok, can I ask? should I be going for a 3/4 or full size?
richard: Full size
Nick: oh ok.
richard: But Les Paul guitars are not the most comfortable for beginners
richard: The weight is all on one side, in the body and they do not sit well on the lap.
richard: However, your son has asked for this so!
richard: I would stick withi his request
Nick: Thanks very much. I will browse and when he wants the next one whenever that will be i will come and see you.  Cheers.
richard: No problem.
richard: Thank you.
richard: Bye for now
Nick: bye
richard: One thing!
Nick: yes
richard: If you buy online from Reidys
richard: Tell them Richard sent you!
Nick: ok will do
Nick: bye

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