Ebay Warning

A customer has recently brought me in a Godin LGXT for setup.  Bought it for a "steal" at just £600.  Described by the seller as "mint".

The guitar has been very heavily used resulting in buckle marking of the back, lacquer on the neck worn through, heavy fret wear - requires some new frets.  Nut worn and as a resuult needs replacing.

Where do you draw the line between "ignorance" and fraud?  The seller clearly plays guitar and would therefore know the frets were worn etc. etc. and so in my opinion sold the guitar fraudulently, deliberately misleading the buyer into presuming the guitar was "as new".

I promise faithfully if I ever describe a guitar as "as new" it really is so!

So be warned.  If pictures are unclear in an advert you really cannot presume the seller is telling the truth - always get clear pics.

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