Guitar Shops - Free Advertising available at

If you run a guitar shop or know someone that does, please do get them in touch with me ASAP.

I am offering free sponsorship of my new classified adverts site.

I am looking for one shop to sponsor a brand which means something important to them.  IE Their "baby" like I have my own.

With time I am hoping to find a sponsor for every brand available, therefore ensuring no matter what search is made, at least 20 results will be found (the sponsors listings).

I will ensure that every sponsor is authorised and specialised in the brand available which will result in the site acting as a network of quality guitar shops from around the UK, who specialise in the brands listed.

Of course I have bagged my own "babies" - the benefit of it being my system!

I contacted my first shop today - Hartnolls of Plymouth and they sounded really keen to get started with Gibson - so lets see where it goes from here.

All shops can list new items but also used gear too - all at no charge.

Interested?  Please call me on01926 833389.

More News...

Every day there is something so exciting going on - development of lines we love and so forth. We now tie in all our Facebook and blogging into one operation so fingers crossed we can bring it you quicker and more regularly than ever before. Keep your eye on this page and you should see regular updates in real time!