My Passion Endorse Cort Guitars

Market savvy metal band scooped up for artist deal.

After grabbing a host of awards, including the top three slot in Kerrang magazine’s Best of 08 awards and winning the Best Newcomer 09 in Rock Sound magazine, My Passion has also seen albums charting, constant touring and the launch of a merchandising brand, My Passion Fashion, taking the band to a new level.

These four young men with their rebellious electronic induced, metallic punk sound,
Make up one of the UK’s hardest working bands on the circuit, building up a massive fan base from constant touring and a host of summer festivals during 2009, including T In The Park and the Liverpool Sound City event.

Little wonder then that Cort, the world’s biggest manufacture of guitars, offered the band an endorsement deal. “We recognised the talent within this band straight away and are more than happy to see them perform with Cort guitars,” said director of Cort’s HC Distribution, Ian Collins.

“We are in the process of writing our second album and all the guitar parts are being written on various Cort models, including the T34 bass and EVL Z4 and Z44 solid-bodied six string electric guitars,” said My Passion’s John Be (pictured).

“The tone from the high output, active EMG HH and HZ pickups is perfect for the sound we are trying to create. When making a bone shattering riff, nothing else comes close.

“The Z44 is probably the favourite of my Cort collection, the way the neck sits in your hand puts you at ease from the first time you pick one up. It helps the flow of a riff better than any guitar I have played in a long time. I’ve played Cort guitars for at least 300 shows and I’ve never had a problem, so of course, I'm going to be wielding them as my axes on the forthcoming Kerrang tour.”

With the diary stuffed with promotion, tour dates and new albums, My Passion is on track to become one of the biggest UK bands in 2010.

For more information: Visit the My Passion myspace page.

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