Goodbye Vintage guitars

Vintage guitars have proven one thing to me which is my reputation is far more important to me than the opportunity of a quick buck selling a brand on its image and marketing hype.

Regrettably this does continue to focus my attention more towards the middle market and it does make it more difficult to offer "cheaper/more affordable" instruments (which is Vintages focus) but until a supplier that comes along that really actually cares about supporting dealers who have a passion for quality I am still on the look out!

The moral of the story is possibly that spending that little bit extra can pay dividends when finding an instrument that is so much more inspirational.  I have to thank Cort at least for their guitars which continue to spoil me in my search for real genuine quality and value.

Goodbye Vintage!

PS Still have stock to clear if anyone is interested - you certainly won't get the hard sell from me but they are there until JHS collect them.