Richards Guitars NEW "Showroom" Hours Explained

First of all, I have to apologise to "local" customers for what can seem like "awkward" opening hours.  I know how it seems when you turn up at what you think would be a normal time of the day and not find me around...

Due to the unique way my business operates, my time is split amongst the various aspects of my job which includes dedicated live help at all hours of the day to customers all around Europe.   I personally wrap and pack every guitar and oversee the setup to make sure the customers instructions are adhered to.   I cannot therefore dedicate my time to "normal retail hours" as my business is not "normal retail"!   Despite what someone may think when they turn up and find my shop "closed" at 4.30pm or at 9.45am - I am always dedicating my time to my customers (how many times have I heard the joke about getting out of bed a little earlier?  Always recipricated with a polite smile of course) .


Monday: Open 10am-4pm

Tuesday: Open 10am-4pm

Wednesday: CLOSED (Live Help & Phone OPEN)

Thursday: Open 10am-4pm

Friday: CLOSED (Live Help & Phone OPEN)

Saturday: Open 10am-4pm

Sunday: CLOSED (Live Help OPEN)

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