Cort Z Series Guitars Now Updated for 2010

I have just spent the day updating the Z series electric guitars by Cort.   What an incredible range of beautifully constructed, tonality superb and most importantly INCREDIBLE value guitars.

Starting with the Z40 at just £179!  Check out the following video that shows what quality you get for the money...

Then up from there, you get the highly acclaimed Z42 at just £225 with coil tap and upgraded pickups.

Here is a wonderful video with a young (4 years old) lad playing one to great effect - proving  you are never too young or too old to play guitar.

Then of course is the very latest Z42 FT (Flame Top) models which are due in later next month I believe (hope!!)...

For me, the Z44 is utterly incredible (is there a model in the range that is not?).  This has to be pound for pound one of the most exciting and best value guitars you can buy.  Online at just £369.  You can learn so much more here but if you just want to be entertained and get an idea of what the guitar can do, check out this great fun video.  I always knew James Bond rocked - well now James Bond really ROCKS! (More videos available via the link I just gave you back there!)

That leads me finally - last but not least as they say - to the Z Custom.  The flaship model using the highest quality components, slab maple top and all the trimmings you could ever imagine on a guitar at this price.  A brief  copy and paste from Cort...

Equipped with Seymour Duncan JB and '59 pickup set

The Z-Custom's great tone comes through loud and clear thanks to the Seymour Duncan JB and '59 pickup combination.

Customized With Locking Tuners

The Z-Custom's performance cred is enhanced with the addition of locking tuners. These assure tuning stability no matter how hard your rockin.

So lets finish off this overview with a video that epitomises what the Z range is all about!

Quality, class, sophisticated tonal range and shear unadulterated awesome value for money.

Of course (as if you need reminding) every single guitar dispatched by myself at Richards Guitars is meticulously quality controlled, set up to the highest of standards before I personally wrap, pack and arrange delivery of your guitar.

As always, hope you enjoy the information supplied and that I can possibly help you further.

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