Soon to be Richards Guitars new home! 5 Tiddington Road, Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire

Where do I begin!

I am obviously very sad that I will be leaving what has been my business address now for 15 years.

Anyone who has been following me over the years will know that my experiences here haven't all been great (emotionally).  However the past couple of years since reforming as Richards Guitars have been truly wonderful.

So why move to Stratford Upon Avon?

The new shop is all on one level for a start!  Much easier to operate on a day to day basis.

The new shop has parking for 4 cars and if that is ever not enough I can get a permit for customers to park in a nearby parking area by the river.

It is not in the centre of Town, just off the centre so no concerns about getting to the shop.

My children go to school less than half a mile from the shop, I live even closer so I can be incredibly flexible in terms of being available for people who can only see me out of hours.

Another big pull for me is that Stratford is my home town.  I was brought up there and I see it as "my community".  To provide the service I do in my own community would be a huge privilege.

I have been so busy providing my mail order service around Europe but I also feel compelled to illustrate my value in my local area and regrettably at Leamington my location is nigh on invisible to the local community and I certainly cannot go spending thousands of pounds on advertising when in reality I do not need to.  It seems like thousands of cars pass by my new location daily and this would be a wonderful way to raise awareness of my local service - without the cost of additional advertising.

I think that sums it all up!

So I am heading "home" in more ways than one!

So expect greater flexibility and availability on a local level, ease of access if you need to pull up for some strings and I suppose it also  means I can pop in at any time and wrap a box at unearthly times when I feel like it too!  If the only time you can make it to my shop is later in the evening or Sunday afternoon - it won't be out of the question for me to be able to accomodate your needs.

It is hard to calculate how "missed" I will be in Leamington but if there is anyone out there at all concerned I am only down the road and I sincerely hope you will make the effort to find me in my new home... Fingers crossed!

I have not pinnned down the arrival/departure date yet but it should be weeks away rather than months.

I will keep you posted!

If you want to have a sneed preview check out Google maps and you will see a photo of the old business that ran there (Its both the front windows - it used to be 2 shops).

More News...

Every day there is something so exciting going on - development of lines we love and so forth. We now tie in all our Facebook and blogging into one operation so fingers crossed we can bring it you quicker and more regularly than ever before. Keep your eye on this page and you should see regular updates in real time!