One of my techs is sick today...

Just to let you know that Chris who is normally responsible for most of my retail setups is sick today.

It also coincides with several promises to customers, my accountant collecting my accounts for my VAT 1/4 end and a stock take that has to be submitted by the end of the day....... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

I have already made all the relevant grovelling calls to customers and am now in the process of allocating and reorganising work normally carried out by Phil who handles jobs like refrets and heavier duty repairs as well as setups.

Now then.... the bottom line is that Phil will be meeting me at the shop at around 12pm to collect around 8-10 guitars for customer setups.  Once he has gone I have to dedicate the final part of my day to my accounts ready for 4pm.

I am still hoping to get all my mail order guitars out on Thursday as would have been promised prior to the sick bug!  Fingers crossed.

So sorry as this will of course mean the retail side of things will be "offline" so to speak.

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