The "Vintage" Curse Continues...

Despite keeping only the best examples in stock and slowly clearing them to customers looking for a great value guitar I am yet again blited by the curse of Vintage guitars.

I have just said goodbye to a young lad and his dad whose Vintage V100 has a scratchplate screw that has broken off inside the body of the guitar.  Whilst I obviously do not have all the facts to hand I cannot be "surprised" by the event and no doubt can put this down to the cheapest, softest metal used for the screw in the plate!

It just seems for every Vintage I have had in my possession there has been an issue to resolve.

Ohhhh well....

If anyone is interested I still have an SG, Tele, Country Jumbo and a budget parlour to clear needing good homes.  If you dare!?   I promise the guitars are fully setup and the price would be giveaway - so let me know!

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