Used Guitars For Sale!

Used guitars are for sale at - The project  is  taking shape really nicely.

My view is why should guitarists pay 10% (yes 10%!!!) to sell a guitar via Ebay when you can list a guitars for sale for just £2 for 45 day exposure on one of the highest profile guitar sites in the UK?

I personally oversee the listings at all times so if you want to sell your guitar, get it listed and the following will occur:

* Your advert will posted automatically to subscribers of my used guitars listings

* Within the hour your used guitar listing will appear on our Twitter page updating several hundred subscribing guitarists!

Every month I email subscribers of my mailing list details of the used guitars available for sale at

I even offer advertisers advice on how to improve their listings to give them a greater chance of finding a buyer.

Anyway - Hope you like the service and in the mean time please do check out the used guitars at - which includes my own used guitars for sale at Richards Guitars.

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