Cort Guitars

I have been harping on about Cort guitars for nearly 15 years now -  Blimey that makes me feel so old! (I am just 37 honest!).

The importance of Cort guitars in the guitar market was first demonstrated to me when I was introduced to Tanglewood guitars in 1995.  These guitars just sounded fantastic, played beautifully and the quality was first class - in a league of its own.  Little did I know that pre 1995 Tanglewood was pretty much unheard of - basically a budget brand with no added brand value or prestige at all.  It wasn't long before I got to understand that Tanglewood had begun having their guitars produced in the Cort factory to improve quality and move their brand image up the ladder into the mid range markets.  I was fully supportive of the guitars as they were first class, in fact I rapidly became the largest dealer of Tanglewood guitars in the UK and remained so for a decade.

Cort Guitars come fitted with the highest quality hardware - Fishman electronics in their electro acoustic models, their bass guitars utilise Bartalone pickups, hipshot tuners and their electrics come equipped with Seymour Duncan and EMG pickups.  Its all about quality when it comes to Cort guitars.

Cort are responsible for producing guitars for so many of the Worlds leading guitar manufacturers - players often recoil when I inform them that Ibanez do not MAKE guitars, they market them, they brand them, they sell them but they certainly do not make them!  Cort however do make a number of their most popular models!

Schecter, Ibanez, Fender, Tanglewood have all had a helping hand from Cort but most importantly Cort guitars are the very best value when purchased with the Cort Guitars Logo attached!  Why pay for the branding of an Ibanez if you can have more guitar for your money witthout it?

I am really looking forward to introducing Cort guitars to my home town of Stratford Upon avon when I move there in June and am always available if you need help and advice regarding Cort electric, acoustic or bass guitars - all of which genuinely are standard setting instruments.

Trust me.  I bet my reputation on it.

Click here to check out the 2010 Cort Guitars range.

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