Cort Earth AS (All Solid) Series Acoustic Guitars - Stunning!

Regulars will know my opinion on Stonebridge acoustic guitars.  World class instruments from just £575 - So incredible that I don't like people picking one up unless they really are considering buying one.  What I mean buy this is if your budget is £350 picking up a Stonebridge at £575 will just depress you and you will never realise the value of the guitar you have in your hand!

However wonderful the quality of Cort guitars is, trying to compete with the likes of Stonebridge is a hard ask, which is why generally I recommend Cort guitars up to around £400.  Above this I tend to then focus my attention towards Stonebridge... until now!

Don't worry Stonebridge fans!   I am not suggesting for a moment that the latest range of Cort acoustics offer something better at the price but certainly something different.  Another credible option - another choice to consider - and an incredibly viable one at that.

So for this reason I am really excited about the new Cort AS series acoustic guitars.

So whats to get excited about?

Well as the name suggests all solid construction is at the heart of the guitars.  Solid Mahogany on the AS4 (back and sides) and solid rosewood on the AS5.  The real standout features on these guitars are the tasteful asthetic additions which can only be appreciated when seen in the flesh.

Our first two samples had slightly dry boards but this kind of issue is easily overcome in the workshop with a little lemon oil.

As you may know, I would not even be talking about these guitars if they didn't SOUND fantastic.  I was really impressed with the very lively, open tone and the fullness of the all solid construction really does shine through.

The reason for my excitement is this guitar is available for £569 - slightly cheaper than the DS40CM Stonebridge and that includes a fitted hardcase too.

I will always have a soft spot for Stonebridge at this price point but for someone looking for a beautifully styled, cased instrument of all solid construction then the new AS4 is the one to go for.

Click here to visit the Cort site with more details on the AS4

I will add the guitars to the catalogue soon but ongoing supply will not really occur until late in the year.  I do however have the initial 2 samples to see in store available to purchase if you are interested.

Call me on 01926 833389 for further information or to arrange a trial.

Please also remember I am moving to 5 Tiddington Road Stratford Upon Avon in the next month or so!

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