So sick of Guitarist Magazine

Every time I pick up a copy of Guitarist magazine it sends shivers down my spine.  Shivers of absolute dred and anxiety caused by the close contact with the World of Marketing, hype and journalism so paper thin in its depth and substance that if it were a piece of metaphoric paper it would be the equivilent of the glossy see through toilet paper that used to make your bottom sore at primary school - remember the stuff?

So whats in store for lucky readers this month?  Oh yes... of course... a Fender guitar... oh not just one but 2 and what a surprise a Gibson too!  What lucky boys and girls we are!

I tried to read the content with a view to being as balanced and level headed as possible yet it only took seconds before I just had to put the magazine down or I would have been carried away by Security (torching Guitarist magazine with the nearest cigarette lighter I am sure would break all health and safety rules besides endangering the lives of thousands of innocent shoppers).

What is deeply upsetting is how tragically easy it is for us as Guitarists to be fooled into believing we/you are being offered choice by such magazines that will bring you review after review of what is basically the same guitar reincarnated month after month, year after year.

What I find resentfull is that I know how hard brands try to get into the magazine but of course its ALL about sales.  Sales of the magazine.  What sells the magazine is the F and G word along with a handful of others.  So its all YOUR fault!!! lol

So whilst you guys keep buying into the BS we all have to live with the fact that magazines such as Guitarisy will be monopolised by a handful of brands and you will have to read editorial that is at best "totally biased" and at worst, worthy of wiping a certain part of your body on.

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