B.T. Have done it again - Can this be happening?

In one of my recent posts about my shop move I gave BT their own paragraph.  I was stating that of course they would not get the phone line installed on time and they would no doubt be the achiles heal of my shop move if there will be one.

Well, they have managed to steal the lime light well before schedule on this occasion - impressive stuff BT.

Last week I clearly communicated the need to transfer my phone line on 1st June along with my Broadband to my new home in Stratford Upon Avon.   I quipped that this will be the first time they have ever done anything right in 15 years and the lad on the phone was oooooh so confident that he was going to be the man of the moment and prove BT are not a total bunch of dysfunctional morons (look, I know its the systems that fail the staff but after 15 years you don't want to blame a system, you want to blame PEOPLE!!).

Anyway, this week I was having a tough week - suffering from a head cold and up against a barage of guitar setup related issues but Thursday I was confident was going to be the my glory day when I get all the guitars out the door and make my customers happy..... until I arrive first thing to find my internet connection not working.... heart drops...

I was faced with a bizarre security message from BT saying the system may be compromised and it will not allow me to access the www.  Do they provide a phone number? No of course not.  After a call to my wife she tells me to call 152 (look I am a man - these things don't come obvious to me!) so I do so but find no automated options that seem to come close to my needs.  I try the desperate route of pressing options that I hope will lead me to a human being.  After 30 minutes of button pressing resulting in nothing but automated options and dead ends - starting from scratch each time, I figure that I should pretend I want something from them - sales!  that should do the trick - bingo - a human being.

The human being kindly puts me through to the right department.  I will cut the tedious story down to the final conclusion as its killing me just having to recall the time wasted the first time, let alone the time its taking me to tell you about it !! lol

Bottom line.... They calmly inform me that the new job is due to be installed on 1st June and in the mean time they have ceased the broadband service at my current location.

No internet connection resulted in:

No emails

No live help assistance all day which is my main form of communication with my customers

Unable to download my orders thus process payments too.

Half they day with me phone line occupied dealing with BT

Unable to book several deliveries due to leave on that day

The accumulated cost from the above is enormous yet British Telecom seem to be untouchable as a Company.  They can blunder their way along as they have done so for so many years it seems without any repercussions.

Like the time they installed my BT Vision Box KNOWING that it didnt actually work.  Knowing that it did not record at the right times!  The on screen phone number for help did not exist.  The indian answering the phone (literally installed in India) had no knowledge or concept of the problem and in fact the phone line was not even dedicated to BT Vision problems.  Again, this is just a single example.  I could give you dozens - every time failed by BT.

Anyway - rant over..... Live is too short right?  Calm........

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