Shop Closed (may be open for limited time) Saturday 15 May

I am so very sorry to anyone hoping to find me today but due a number of circumstances I am unable to open the shop today.

My saturday assistance is unable to make it today (damned musicians eh?!!) and my broadband has been uninstalled by BT due to a cock up their end linked to my forthcoming move to Stratford Upon Avon.

Broadband is the heart of my business and I need live help facility open as well as being able to do my emails, web updates etc.

As you may know the new premises is a stones throw from my house so it seems that the list of advantages of moving keeps piling up.  I just cannot wait.  Hand on heart I do resent spending an hour of my life in a car, away from my family to then not be able to actually do anything positive with my time other than tidy up guitar racks (which I am in the process of removing for the move!).

If my Saturday chap had been around of courset the shop would be open as I could have worked from home and left him to it.

So apologies, I know its all below par but just wanted to put this notice up asap to help avoid any inconvenience.

I am however available on live help all day and when I move to Stratford the shop itself will be more accessible than ever before.

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