Until I move into the new shop, call me if you want to visit the showrooms.

As you may know I offer a fairly "round the clock" service offering pre and post sale advice via my live help, telephone and email.

Combined with this I handle the incoming deliveries, organise the workshop and personally wrap and pack every guitar.

I am finding that with all the various things I need to regarding the shop move I am finding myself needing to be in location A, B or C when obviously my in store customers are expecting me at the shop!!

I do not like letting anyone down so I want to just point out now that between now and when I move (which should be no later than the weekend of Saturday 5th June) you really should call me on 01926 833389 to ensure I am around before visiting on any day.

A major factor in moving to Stratford Upon Avon is to provide my customers with even greater in store access.  My shop is just down the road from my house so I can even open up on a Sunday or late night if a customer requires it.  It also means I can pop down in the evening and clean up or get ready for the next day if I need to (currently I have to travel 30 minutes to get to the shop so that is out of the question).

If you have been following me you probably know I do not follow the normal laws of retail, prefering to be considered as a consultant with whom you can purchase from if your requirements match up with the recommendation.  The new location is however far more visible than at Leamington and I am really looking forward to providing much more consistent "in store" advice to my home town.  Its been really exciting coming up with the shop fascias and screen printing knowing that passing traffic will actually SEE it now!!!!  Scary!

Anyway, thats about it for now.  Give me a call on 01926 833389 if you need me.

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