Workshop closed this week ready for move.

This week in store is about getting all my guitars packed up ready to take over to our new shop in Stratford Upon Avon.  I will be around of course packing guitars and dispatching guitars ordered online as well as handling telephone calls, emails and live help.

So in principal you can still buy guitars in store this week - I certainly won't turn you away - I am just trying to limit expectations!  Its one of those take me as you find me moments.

We are not taking on work in the workshop as I need my techs help packing up boxes and I really do not want the responsibility of moving other peoples guitars from A to B.  I am sure you wouldn't want me carting your guitar around either.

All being well, this week will be "packing up" week. Next week will be "moving week" and following the weekend of Sat 5th June I should be up and running at the new shop! 

I am really looking forward to settling in at my new home which really does feel like "coming home" in many more ways than one - I may not have mentioned it but I was born in Tiddington, my dad was born in Tiddington , my Dad spent his first pocket money in the shop that I am now renting (on the Tiddington Road) and lived just around the corner at Loxley Road, my children all go to school in Tiddington and I live in Tiddington!  So bring it on Tiddington - I am coming home!

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