My last "Official" Retail Day at Leamington Spa Today!

Well, the day begun in the normal way that any Father of 3 children may recognise with Callie (4) complaining of a raging temperature.  First thoughts are - how can my wife get to the hospital with 3 chilren (youngest 10 months) without my help.  Thankfully we manage to get Teresas mum in on the act so I can safely get out the house and leave them to it .  I get to Warwick and then realise I have left my laptop at home!!!  So back I go, 20 minutes back home, pick up the laptop and hey presto back in store for just after 11am.

I suppose this morning highlights the benefits of living 1/2 mile from your business, which will be the case at the new location (5 Tiddington Road, Stratford Upon Avon).

If BT don't let me down (which they will of course) they are supposed to have the Broadband and Telephone connection set up on Tuesday 1st June.  From this point my Broadband here in Leamington will no longer operate and my phone will have an automated message informing you of my new telephone number.

So!  From the point where my broadband is connected in Stratford, that will be my new operating base.

As for the displays and workshop, guitars will continue to be setup at Leamington next week for customers placing orders whilst we pack away the guitars and steadily transport them over to Stratford.

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th I have employed some extra hands to help deconstruct racking and reconstruct it in Stratford.

Hopefully we will get the workshop moved across on the same weekend but I will keep you updated as things progress.