Richards Guitars Tel: 01789 26 33 33

Thats right!  My new phone line was installed today and if you call my shop in Leamington it currently diverts to Sratford.  Its not supposed to mind - it is supposed to inform you of the new phone number but hey, its BT we are talking about here so I am just grateful they managed to fit the new line on time.

It may be a little awkward taking calls on the landline for the next few days simply because I will be tooing and frowing from Leamington to Stratford but of course keep trying or just email me or speak on live help in the evening if you have any problem in the day.  This will be a short term problem whilst I get the stock and contents moved across.

Tomorrow I will find out if my broadband is working!  Ohhhhh this is exciting!

I got Teresa (my wife) to call me so I could take my first phone call as Richards Guitars in Stratford! (I am such a kid).

So things are taking shape nicely!

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