BT FAIL As always, as expected, as predicted!

Well, 1st of June arrived and I was amazed when the BT engineer turn up at 9am - as promised!  I couldnt believe my eyes.

However... It was too good to be true of course.  No broadband so I think, well fair enough, lets give the day to get it running.  Today I check my broadband to find that I still have no broadband despite the fact they have known I am moving in for 1 month and I have been specific in my requirement for instalation on 1st June.

I look for a phone number in all the literature and of course nothing at all other than generic numbers that put you into their sales queuing system.

Anyway - sparing you the boring details I eventually find that their system states my broadband will not be installed until the 8th June.

I did tell you last month BT would let me down and not only have they failed to supply the broadband on time but they cut me off last month when they initially took the order.  Total utter incompitence at the extreme.

Anyway - after much moaning and groaning they have promised to get my broadband working by tomorrow...

Yeh.... we won't hold our breath will we.

Well done BT.  You have outshone yourself on this occasion...

PS How DARE you Tweat me and tell me you are there for me if I need you!  Total utter rubbish.

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