Relocation Update: Sat 05th June

OK.  So far we have the phone now working (01789 263333), broadband up and running and I have moved about 70 guitars across to Stratford.  If you have tried calling me you would have heard the answer phone message as I have not really been in the store much, focusing on getting stock moved from Leamington rather than spending any time in the store itself.

Today (Sat 05 June) we are focusing on moving the remaining stock, office equipment, display cases, stands and hangers with a view to getting them over to stratford and some basic displays up and running ready for Monday.  Hopefully we will get some racking up later in the day and on Sunday. 

If things go very well we may also get the workshop tools moved across too. 

If all this goes to plan I will be pretty much up and running at Stratford in a basic form by Monday. 

Our new signage is being put up towards the end of next week.

My private customer parking is still being landscaped by the builders but the plans look fantastic - I am so excited about that being completed which I am told will be before the end of the month. 

BT have just set up the call divert function for my new telephone number but I will not start using it until Sunday or maybe Monday morning as my focus has to be on moving the shop over the weekend.

Regulars will have noticed my live help has not been running much this past week as it has been impossible to offer continued service with the combination of disrupted lines and activity between stores.  Too tired at night!

All online help services, calls and call diversion should be back to normal on Monday - thats my target.

So basically, everything has gone to plan so far and I should be far more available for enquiries as of Monday.

I will let you know how we get on!

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