New Service! Save 25% on Cort RRP

As you may know, I offer what I believe to be the most diligent quality control in the UK and probably all of Europe.  Regrettably it is a well known fact that not all online suppliers are as scrupulous and buy in "seconds" in order to discount heavily on the retail price.

In order to highlight the dangers of buying "blind" from online stores who literally shift boxes with no attention to quality, let alone setting up the guitars I am now offering my new service, starting with my most popular line - Cort.

Rather than hiding quality control issues I want to proudly promote them!

It has become clear to me that many of the guitars we reject are rarely unplayable or beyond repair and sometimes just they can be slightly cosmetically imperfect.  These guitars could and really should find a home, enabling someone who could not otherwise afford the guitar to do so armed with all the facts about why the guitar was rejected initially.

Generally speaking if you see prices online that look disproportionately cheap, you really do need to question why this would be the case.  In my case I answer the question for you in advance - and the prices are available in store too!

Also, from time to time, guitars are discontinued to be replaced by the current model.  Again, I would not want to sell the guitar at full price but to the end user, this is an ideal opportunity to get a guitar at a fantastic price!


I plan to put all the slight seconds, end of line and clearance models together in store - all with a blanket price of 25% OFF retail!! One basic example is only this week I have rejected a G260 OPN.  Even when showing it to customers in store they cannot undertstand why its been rejected!!  But I DO - thats the difference!  RRP £369, clearance price £275!

This new service should provide a really exciting new tear of service for players looking for special deals or second hand guitars - and will be ongoing of course as we quality control the guitars being set up for my regular customers.

When I have sorted out the displays, priced up all the guitars and generally got settled in at the new shop (5 Tiddington Road, Stratford Upon Avon) I will then get photos sorted out and display all this online for you too.

In the mean time feel free to email me or call me on 01789 26 33 33 for details on my clearance guitars.

More News...

Every day there is something so exciting going on - development of lines we love and so forth. We now tie in all our Facebook and blogging into one operation so fingers crossed we can bring it you quicker and more regularly than ever before. Keep your eye on this page and you should see regular updates in real time!