Thank you to all my "first day" visitors

I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone who popped in today wishing me well and giving me such positive feedback on the shop and my arrival at Stratford Upon Avon.

The fascias weres completed by the end of the day so I will bring you pics hopefully tomorrow of the end result but I have to say I was SO pleased with the result.  I have to thank Peter from "Space Graphics Solutions" for being so supportive and professional in his approach to my requirements.  If you require any signs being made I could not recommend him highly enough (

I could talk you though all the little chit chats I had today but that would bore you to death but needless to say everyone was so welcoming and I relish the opportunity to provide the very best playing guitars to my home town of Stratford Upon Avon.

On walking back to my car (I know, I should be walking to work - I live so close!) I looked around me and it hit home just how beautiful an area I live in and how lucky I am to have the opportunity  to be working in the same beautiful surroundings.

I am sure Stratford residents would agree that the Council seem to have gone out of their way to destroy Stratfords heritage and natural character with the park fiasco, Theatre "watch tower" (looks more like a firemans tower for testing fires?) and whats the story about that ridiculous object on the banbury road that welcomes visitors to Stratford making them believe they are about 300 miles of course (it gives you the impression you have just arrived at Portsmouth harbour!).... ummm am I going off course here?  Ohhhh yes.... the point of my story is..... I do hope that anyone who visits or just passes by will feel my services are of value and contribute in a positive way to the community.

Thanks again everyone - and hope to see more of you very soon.

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