Latest Shop Pics

Well its all fairly frustrating as the car park is taking forever - anyway I won't go on about it as it will all pan out in the end.  The bottom line is you CAN park in it!  Ignore the work vans, ignore all the barriers - there is parking and its for you to use.

Here are some of the pics of my new shop anyway!

Click on one of the pics to bring up the full pic and you can move left and right through the images.

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We are situated in a beautiful location, literally a stones throw from the park, riverside, butterfly farm, theatre etc. etc. etc.  - Its Stratford!

And for any of you who want to make a weekend of it, I provide a 20% discount on a weekend visit to my parents holiday retreat just 3 miles from Stratford Upon Avon.   This is available to anyone who spends over £300 during their visit to Richards Guitars.

Visit for details for staying in the Stratford area.

More News...

Every day there is something so exciting going on - development of lines we love and so forth. We now tie in all our Facebook and blogging into one operation so fingers crossed we can bring it you quicker and more regularly than ever before. Keep your eye on this page and you should see regular updates in real time!