Gordon Smith Guitars & Richards Guitars Reunited! Phew...

As you may know I recently "dropped" Gordon Smith guitars for issues which seemed to manifest with the recent take over of Gordon smith Guitar distribution by Gordon Smith themselves IE no more middle man (other than the shops of course!).

Following this decision I desperately wanted to find a possible solution IF one existed.  So.... I requested I speak with them by phone (most communication prior had been by email which is always a nightmare when you have a sensitive issue to discuss) and a day or so later I received a phone call from John Smith who was happy to discuss all the issues I had on my mind.

For the first time I had confirmation by John that the issues I had raised were indeed shortfalls in Gordon-Smith standards - up to this point I had been concerned that Gordon-Smith seemed that my issues were actually totally acceptable and whilst they believed that or seemed to imply it there was no possibility of us working together.  So my mind was certainly put at ease on that level.

John also game me his direct workshop line to discuss ANY future issues or indeed questions I may have regarding his guitars.  For this I was very grateful too as most of my communication until this point had been with his wife who handles their general communications and accounting issues.  So another big step forward.

The most important outcome from all of this is that Gordon-Smith understand (like all my suppliers do) that I will only accept the acceptable and whether you produce one of my most loved brands or not I cannot sell guitars I feel fall short of the standards I have come to expect.  I am certain this will bode well for all future orders and I firmly believe we all know what to expect of each other.

So all in all, its a wonderfully positive outcome.  As I said to John, my life is just that little bit empty without Gordon-Smith guitars around - thats how much they mean to me.

Following the conversation I have received two more guitars and they have both been utterly wonderful.  Both brought a smile to my face and underlined why I have loved these guitars for so many years.

I would like to say a big thank you to John and his wife Linda for giving me a second chance after throwing my dummy out of my little pram.

Chears guys!

Both guitars are sold but here is one just before it gets dispatched on Monday. Its a GS2 Deluxe in red.....yum yum YUM!

[caption id="attachment_405" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Reunited with my babies"][/caption]

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