Happy in my new home at Stratford

Moving to Stratford was a BIG change in my life following 15 years in Leamington Spa.  However, any concerns I may have had have rapidly been put to one side in exchange for the most positive feelings I have had in all the 15 years I have been in business.

Where do I start?  Is it the close proximity to my home?  Is it the beautiful road I cycle up and down each day?  The ability to have my lunch with my family at lunchtime?  Surely, it is the commercial benefits of being on such a busy through road - or the ability to serve my home town and provide what I believe to be a valuable service to people who may be parents of children who go to school with my children?  At long last I can build a genuine "local" reputation alongside my "online" one.

Of course  all of the above are important and it is the whole mix which makes my new move so special.

My personally selected lines at Richards Guitars all mean something very special to me and Richards Guitars new location really helps me focus my energy into these brands on a daily basis - enabling me to live up to my daily mantra "to be the best I can be".

[caption id="attachment_411" align="aligncenter" width="232" caption="Blimey - a few grey hairs and lines in my forehead these days but its been worth the journey!"][/caption]

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